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Whats The Best Tasting Beer?

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Have you ever asked yourself “what would be the best tasting beer” when you where about to order dinner in a restaurant? Your right, it’s not the first question that comes to mind with most people. With wine we do it all the time and we even know the answers. Because we’ve learned that red wine goes with meat and white wine is better with fish. We drink a refreshing light wine on a warm and sunny day. And a robust and heavy wine when we sit together by a winter fire. But when it comes to beer most of us never learned those simple rules. Read more ›

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Coopers Real Ale: A Review

If you’re like many beer enthusiasts, then the chances are excellent that you’ve at least considered crafting your own brews at home. However, at first glance, the fine art of creating perfectly brewed beers yourself can seem daunting and intimidating, causing many beginning brewers to abandon the idea before they even find out what it’s all about. The truth is home brew ale kits such as the world-famous Coopers Real Ale kit have revolutionized home brewing, turning it into a simple, foolproof process that can be mastered by just about anyone. Read more ›

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You Just Can’t Beat the Right Home Brew Kegging System

It goes without saying that brewing your own high quality beer at home comes alongside many advantages. It’s an economical way to keep lots and lots of your favorite brews on hand at all times. It’s also a wonderful way to experience the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with enjoying (and sharing) something you created yourself. However, there comes a time in every homebrewer’s life when he starts to think seriously about the advantages of investing in a home brew kegging system. Read more ›

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The Beer Machine 2006 – Product Review

These days, beer enthusiasts everywhere are discovering the many benefits attached to learning how to brew their own versions of their favorite beverage at home. Not only is home brewing economical and fun, but it allows beer lovers to experience the fulfillment that comes along with enjoying and sharing something they created through their own efforts. Read more ›

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Take the Guesswork and Labor Out of Homebrewing with the Beer Machine 2000

Homebrewing is a trend that’s sweeping the nation these days and it’s not hard to see why. It represents an incredibly economical alternative to buying your beers at the pub or the store every time you’d like a cold one. It also allows you the joy and fulfillment that comes with pouring your creativity into something you love and coming out of it with something as rewarding as a beautifully crafted homebrew that is uniquely yours. Read more ›

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Streamline Your Bottling Process With a Beergun

While the beginning homebrewer may be able to get away with bottling their homemade beers the old-fashioned way, there comes a time in every home beermaker’s life when the old-fashioned way just doesn’t cut it anymore. While many homebrewers enjoy the process of creating and executing recipes, watching over their beer as it develops, and – of course – sampling the finished product, almost no one finds the process of bottling homebrew to be anywhere near as enjoyable. Read more ›

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Quality Homebrew Is as Easy as One, Two, Three With Coopers Lager Beer Mix

Perfectly homebrewing lagers at home might seem like a daunting process at first glance. After all, there is just so much that goes into making a finely crafted lager, isn’t there? It’s got to be the type of thing that takes years of blood, sweat, and tear to master, right? Well, in years past, you would have been 100% correct. However, these days the beer experts behind Cooper’s – one of the best known names in the beer business when it comes to tradition, quality, and value – have taken the guesswork out of homebrewing lager with their foolproof premium lager mix. Read more ›

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PET Beer Bottles Make Bottling Homebrew a Snap

Whether you’re the type of homebrewer that considers a ready batch of homemade beer to be an everyday essential or are more occasional in regards to your hobby, one thing’s for certain. It never seems as if you have enough homebrew bottles on hand, does it? Naturally you expect to lose a few here and there as you bottle and gift away a few batches over the years. However, it can be supremely annoying when you lose your best beer bottles for homebrew to breakage. Read more ›

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Looking for a Homebrew Stout Recipe That Can’t Be Beat? Look No Further!

What beer lover doesn’t consider a robust, hearty stout to be an absolute must when it comes to the beers they brew on a regular basis. The perfect accompaniment to all of your favorite dishes from pizza to cheeseburgers, the right stout recipe can make an already great time even more incredible. Read more ›

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Brew Authentic Mexican Cerveza at Home With Cooper’s!

What beer lover doesn’t appreciate a perfectly brewed glass of real Mexican Cerveza? Its signature taste is clean, refreshing and light making it the perfect choice for a hot summer day or as an accompaniment to an authentic Mexican meal. However, authentic-tasting Mexican beer or Cerveza has been notoriously difficult for homebrewers to duplicate at home… until now. Thanks to the introduction of Cooper’s Mexican Cerveza homebrew mix to the world of homebrewing, it is now possible to create your own real Cerveza without the need to track down rare ingredients or spend hours and hours in the kitchen babysitting your brew through extra steps. Read more ›

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Add the Perfect Touch to Your Signature Beers With Personalized Homebrew Beer Labels

Homebrewing is experiencing such a boom right now for a million excellent reasons. Not only is it a frugal alternative option for beer lovers on a budget, but it allows you to enjoy the deep sense of fulfillment that only comes with creating something uniquely, wonderfully yours as well. However, none of your homemade beers is truly your own without the right homebrew beer labels for your bottles. Read more ›

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Make Incredible Draught Beer at Home With Cooper’s!

Home brewing is really all the rage these days and it’s easy to see why. It not only offers a way to save a few pennies when it comes to your beer, but it also allows you to enjoy the sense of delight and accomplishment that comes along with creating something with your own two hands. However, many would-be beginning home brewers are prematurely scared away from one of today’s fastest growing hobbies by the wrongful assumption that homebrewing has to be difficult, complicated or time-consuming. Read more ›

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With Home Brewing Starter Kits You Can Brew Delicious Quality Beer Without Any Experience At All.

Think brewing your own beer is hard? It can be, if you try to tackle it yourself without knowing anything about it. Sure there are books and videos that can tell you how to brew, but you still have to find the materials and ingredients. That alone can be a daunting task when you don’t know a Krausen Collar from a Hydrometer. Feeling nervous? Don’t. There’s a simple answer and it doesn’t cost half as much as you’d think. Read more ›

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Creating Custom Beer Labels For Your Home Brewed Beer Can Be Easy And Fun

Whether your brewing your first batch of simple recipe standard beer or trying your hand at a European lager, you probably don’t want to serve it in plain brown unlabeled bottles. You’ve put your time, energy, and even love into this brew. You want a personalized bottle labels that reflect that. You want a bottle and a label that reflects you. Of course, you may not have the time, supplies or artistic skill to design and print your own personalized beer labels at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful, professional looking custom bottle labels. In fact, your beer bottles can be just as personalized on the outside as the beer you’ll be putting into them and your custom beer labels won’t cost you a great deal of time, energy or even money. Read more ›

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Personalised Bottle Labels – How They Can Benefit the Home Brewer

Home brewers, you need to be able to showcase their tasty brew, with pride. By making personalised bottle labels, you can easily do this, in an economical manner. If you have ever considered brewing your own beer, or have already started, you should consider personalised bottle labels. Serve your fresh and tasty brew stamped with custom bottle labels, to brilliantly display your homemade beer. They are easy to create and make an impact on your guests, with many variables to consider. Read more ›

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Using Home Brew Starter Kits

The use of home brew starter kits is the ideal way for not only a novice brewer to start, but also those who already brew, as it is simple and inexpensive. Why complicate it, if you don’t have to? Homemade beer has been around for a long time, and just continues to grow in popularity. The best way to begin is with home brew starter kits. Once you have one, the rest is quite simple. A myth that home brewing is a complicated adventure prevents many people from attempting what they have wanted to try for a long time. So, we suggest that you look into a beer making starter kit. Read more ›

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Make Your Homemade Beer Your Own With Personalized Beer Labels

If you’re one of the thousands out there who has discovered the fine art of homebrewing for themselves, then congratulations! You truly understand what it’s like to serve and enjoy a unique beverage that you’ve crafted from start to finish with your own two hands. You also know and appreciate beer on a level you never thought possible before, meaning you’ve become a true connoisseur. Quite possibly, you’ve even come up with some custom made recipes of your own by now. Read more ›

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The Best Beer Making Starter Kits Cover All the Bases

If you’re like many beer lovers out there, then there’s an excellent chance that you’ve at least considered attempting to make your own beer before. However, solid information on where to get started can be hard to come by. There are a million different ways you could go about getting set up, but the experts almost unanimously agree that the best place for a new brewer to begin is with one of the many beer making starter kits out there on the market. Read more ›

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Streamlining the Brewing Process With a Beer Machine Brewmaster

One of the most common misconceptions attached to homebrewing is that it always has to be complicated and lengthy. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to amazingly innovative new brewing tools like the Beer Machine Brewmaster, homebrewing delicious, high quality beer is easier, more fun, and more convenient than you ever would have thought possible. Read more ›

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Party Room Idea: Beer Vending Machines

What is the difference between commercial vending machines and beer vending machines? Yes BEER!!! Commercial vending machines are nice but they are filled with water and soft drinks and what would you like to complete your basement recreation room, game or party room? Yes Beer!!! Read more ›

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No Boil Beer Kits – The Best Way to Get Started in Homebrewing

So you want to join the millions who have discovered the joys of homebrewing! Well, that’s perfectly natural. After all, we all love a nice, cold beer at the end of a long day and who couldn’t stand to save a few hard earned dollars? Then there is the adventure, joy, and sense of accomplishment that comes along with making something that is really and truly your own.

There are a million reasons to get into homebrewing, but it’s also something that’s understandably easier said than done. There are quite a few different ways you can go when it comes to getting started, but the easiest and best avenue for a beginner is going to be via a home brewing starter kit, especially one of the convenient, simple no boil beer kits that are all the rage these days. You can read one of our beer machine reviews right here. Read more ›

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Brewing Lager at Home Quickly and Easily

These days, homebrewing is so much more than a way to indulge in a creative, productive hobby that is well worth your time. It’s also a way to save much needed cash in these trying times without sacrificing the enjoyment of just the right beer or ale alongside a home-cooked meal. What’s more, homebrewed beers make thoughtful and much appreciated gifts and are an accomplishment you can truly point to with pride whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, making this a hobby well worth looking into. Read more ›

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The Benefits of Learning to Homebrew ale

Today more and more ale lovers are discovering the many perks attached to learning how to home brew ale and beer in the comfort of their own homes. Not only is it an economical way to enjoy more of their favorite beverage more often, but for many people, learning to homebrew ale can be the beginning of a lifelong passion as well. The following are just a few of the many reasons why beer and ale lovers everywhere are making the switch for themselves. Read more ›

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Choosing A Proper Type Of Home Brew Bottle Is Important

To make a success from your home brew creations, you need to choose the right type of home brew bottle. Having a proper type of home brew bottle can make or brake your home brewed beer. If you like to make your own homemade beer it can be very frustrating if you don’t have the right equipment and the right type of home brew bottle. This article helps you decide what type of home brew bottle you need.

For example:
One case of 24 new 12 ounce bottles. One cases = approx. 2.2 gallons. Generally 2 cases per 5 gallon batch. Read more ›

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Starting A Craft Brewery: Fun And Rewarding

There will always be people who enjoy drinking alcohol in the form of beer and wine, some drink 2 glasses of wine a day (which is very healthy by the way) and some only drink in the weekends and at party’s. You could say that selling wine and beer will never get out of fashion because there will alway be people who will purchase it. If you enjoy home brewing and you have some excellent recipes that you know that people like. Making a start with a (home) craft brewery can be a good idea and more than just a lot of fun, it can be financially very rewarding. Read more ›

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Don’t Use Home Brewing Starter Kits For Beer and Wine

There are some really awful home brewing starter kits available these days, they look like plastic toys, you end up with a bad tasting beer or wine and they are pretty expensive. I do however understand the need for starter kits as an introduction to beer brewing and wine making. But it should be something a whole lot better then what I saw in the home brew shop the last time I visited. Are there good home brewing starter kits for beer and wine and what should be in it? Read more ›

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The wonderful world of home brewed lager

Lager can be discovered all over the world, you can call it pilsner or lager but the basics are the same. Their are nevertheless significant differences in taste using the different coopers lager packages will give you an idea of the many various tastes of Lager. Read more ›

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Invest In Commercial Beer and Wine Making Equipment

When you think about making your own beer or wine, it may be a dream you have had for a long time, or it may be a sound investment you have already looked into. It does not matter whether you want to start making beer or wine at home or if you want to make this a commercial viable enterprise. What is fact is that you are going to need quite a lot of beer and wine making equipment. So, it is a good idea to first investigate what the prices are for commercial beer and wine making equipment and where you can get the best prices. Read more ›

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What You Need for a Home Brewery Setup

Although there are many different items that are needed for a home brewery setup, the equipment needed is not that expensive, running under two hundred dollars for a basic setup.  The home brewery design does not have to be fancy; it just has to have the basic materials to allow the beer to ferment properly once the recipe has been made and to be properly bottled.  Once the home brewery setup is bought then all that is needed is for the individual to pick the type of beer recipe that they desire and start cooking! Read more ›

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Vintners Reserve Wine Kits Your Own Homemade Wine in 28 Days

The Vintners Reserve wine kits are 10 liter size, 100% pure grape juice and concentrate. With this kit you will be able to make your own excellent tasting wine in just 28 days.

Buy one of the vintners reserve wine kits, for example the Cabernet Sauvignon wine kit here for the best price and service! Read more ›

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Start your own home microbrewery

Do you love beer but you don’t love the cost that comes with it. In this time of financial crisis buying a case for a party or your weekend gathering with friends has become very expensive. If you love beer and prefer it to any other alcohol then you have probably considered starting a home microbrewery. Making your own beer in a home microbrewery is not as complicated as people might think. With a little time and patience you can have great quality beer that you have made yourself. Get a friend or two involved and you have something fun to do with your friends that at the end of the day will provide you all with enough beer to last until you next decide to brew. And if you put some more effort in your own home microbrewery you can even start a small business this way. Read more ›

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Extraordinary Beer Related Father’s Day Gift Ideas

You can find plenty of father’s day gift ideas online and in almost every type of combination that is possible. However, nothing but the best is good enough for your dad and if your father likes beer, we have some great father’s day gift ideas for you. Read more ›

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Setting Up Your Beer Brewing Equipment

Where you buy your beer brewing equipment is personal, some towns have good home brew shops and others don’t, you might need to look in different stores before you have all the home beer brewing equipment that you need. Or you can buy everything online. It is possible to buy everything you need as separate items or you can buy a home beer brewing kit where all beer brewing equipment is bought in one kit. If you buy a beer brewing equipment kit you have a big advantage because you are sure you have every beer brewing equipment you need. Most of those kits contain a set of instructions which tell you how to set up your beer brewing equipment. Read more ›

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Miller Lite Beer Commercials

In the beginning of lite beers it was pretty hard to reach the nay-sayers, the ones who regarded lite as a sissy beer. Television was a great way to reach those men and let them see that the manliest and the toughest men where drinking it to. Miller Lite Beer Commercials where the perfect way to do just that. They used tough guys like football players to create an more macho image. Read more ›

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Guiness beer recipes, how to brew and how to stew

Guiness beer is a very popular dry stout beer and was developed in Ireland in the Arthur Guinness brewery. Guiness beer is popular all over the world and well known because of its distinctive flavor. This flavor is created by the use of unfermented roasted barley. Guiness beer is made from water, hobs, brewers yeast, barley and barley malt. Guiness beer is pasteurized and filtered. In spite of the full and creamy flavor of the foam, Guiness beer contains only 198 kcal per pint and that is less than a pint of orange juice and skimmed milk. Read more ›

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Gluten Free Beer is it possible to brew your own?

To give you a real short answer, yes it is possible to brew your own gluten free beer but it will take a lot of research and testing.  Normally beer is brewed with just four ingredients, water, barley yeast and hops. A person with Celiac Disease suffers from a intolerance to gluten and  this can lead to damage to the intestines. Gluten, are a protein that can be found in various grains like wheat, spelt, oats and barley Read more ›

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All You want to know about Mexican beer

Mexican beer has become very popular all over the world the last 15 years and especially Corona the absolute top of the Mexican export beers. But Beer has a long history in Mexico. Long before the Spanish arrived Maya and Aztec people where brewing beer like beverages. Grain based (usually maize corn) were used to brew alcoholic “beer” Read more ›

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Irish beer is dominated by Stout.

Irish beer has a long history, as well as Irish beer brewing. In the beginning of the nineteenth century there were in total more than 200 breweries in Ireland, this fell during the nineteenth century to about fifty, and now today there are only about 12 left.  Ireland produced historically Irish beer called ale, made without hops because these were not native to the Irish country. But Ireland did not use them all through the 18th century, almost all other countries did use hobs as an ingredient because of the flavor it gave their beers. Read more ›

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So what stores carry home brew kits?

A question often asked when people start to investigate the home brewing hobby is where they can find the kits needed for home brewing. The moment you decide that home brew is what you want to do you need to think about how you want to do it. you can get a recipe for beer or wine from the internet and figure out to get all the ingredients from a store or you could go for a complete kit. Then the question is what stores carry home brew kits. Read more ›

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A Classic Fresh Lemonade Recipe Made Perfect

Most People know how to make lemonade at least they think they do, you take some sugar lemons and water and that is all to the home made fresh lemonade recipe. Well there are ways to make the perfect lemonade that will make your guests ask for more and for your recipe as well. Read more ›

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What You Need to Know About Dallas Home Brew Supply

In almost every state you can find home brew supply stores, but in Dallas and the Dallas area there are some truly great Dallas home brew supply stores available. These good stores do offer all of the necessary tools and ingredients for home brewing of wines and beers. And because home brewing has become a very popular hobby, people need some good suppliers. Read more ›

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Adding Up The Calories: Home Brewing Low Calorie Beer

When you buy commercial brewed light beer you know how many calories there will be in it, you can find it on the label and most of the time it will have about 150 calories. When you are home brewing low calorie beer, it is much more difficult to determine the amount of calories your beer has. There are many things that influence the amount of calories, from the amount of sugar to the carbohydrates from the malt and hobs, even the method of brewing can contribute to a higher amount of calories. Read more ›

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Pennsylvania Home Brew Supply Stores Keep Home Brewing Alive

Home brewing is a popular hobby in Pennsylvania, and there are many good home brew supply stores that offer the residents of Pennsylvania all they need for brewing their own beer and wine and even for their soft drinks. Some of the big beer companies have their roots in Pennsylvania, home brew supply stores jumped in to the hole when the original breweries moved or gone out of business. Read more ›

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Making Home Made Root Beer With Extracts

Root beer is one of the most commonly made (non) alcoholic beverages these days, probably because of the word beer in the name. Root beer was a traditional beverage and herbal medicine. Throughout history, the beverage was often mildly alcoholic. Making home made root beer as a medicine was used for treating cough and mouth sores. There is a mild alcoholic version that is made by fermenting a solution of extract and sugar with yeast. You will end up with a beverage with about 0.4% alcohol, compared to more than 4% for most regular beers. Read more ›

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Trouble for Dallas Home Brew Supply Companies Price Of Hobs explodes

In the last 15 years half the amount of acreage dedicated to growing hobs is lost. Because of this the amount of hops on the market has fallen, this makes it difficult for many of Dallas home brew supply companies from being able to supply some of the favorite aroma hops to their customers. Read more ›

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Maine Home Brewing Stores Are The best There Are

It makes sense to start home brewing in Maine because there is a real home beer brewing culture in Maine. A great place to visit is the annual Maine Brewer’s Festival, you can notice there that Maine has a wonderful appreciation of beer. The festival is a great place to hang out, sample delicious beer and listen to great music. Seeing people who know about beer and speak impassioned about beer is helpful when you are just getting started and is really an important part of home brewing in Maine. At the festival there is a ready supply of ingredients and equipment as well as people who know all about beer, store representatives are present to help you with home brewing in Maine Read more ›

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Easy Home Made Beer Recipes

For thousands of years, people have been brewing alcoholic beverages in their own homes. Beginning in ancient Sumer (often referred to as Sumeria), where the fermentation process was discovered, A 3900-year-old Sumerian poem honoring Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing, contains the oldest surviving home made beer recipe, describing the production of beer from barley via bread. Read more ›

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Buying Home Brew Supplies Online

No supplier in your neighborhood? Buy your home brew supplies online.

A lot of people are trying their hand at home brewing making a brand of different drinks, from beer and wine to brewing their own root beer. For some people it is easy to find supplies because there is a home brew supply shop just around the corner, others are less fortunate and would be traveling many miles just to find such a shop, thus making the idea of home brewing less attractive. Luckily these people can get there home brew supplies online and have more choice and a better variety of products. Most home brew supplies online offer recipes and information on how your home brewing efforts achieve the best results. Read more ›

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