Party Room Idea: Beer Vending Machines

What is the difference between commercial vending machines and beer vending machines? Yes BEER!!! Commercial vending machines are nice but they are filled with water and soft drinks and what would you like to complete your basement recreation room, game or party room? Yes Beer!!!

Do you really need beer vending machines like the ones that stand in shops? Or are you just looking for a great way to serve your home brewed beer? If that is the case and you are looking for an excellent party item there is no need to look any further. The beer machine brewmaster is a completely different type of beer vending machines it is a so called beer machine and it is not just fun looking but it also delivers an excellent tasting beer.

It is small, it is fun, it is much cheaper than a ordinary commercial vending machine and it is loaded with? Yes BEER!!!

Tips to ultimate your party room

If you’re putting a home beer vending machine like the beer machine into a basement party room, here are some other “Man Cave” accessories to make your room more fun and successful.

  • Plenty of comfortable seating for your friends and their wives.
  • A bar or counter is another popular option, so friends can literally “belly up to the bar.”
  • Include at least three bar stools, and put a mirror or TV set over the bar so “patrons” have something to look at while they enjoy a drink from your beer dispensers for home.
  • You need games for the home party room.
  • Invite friends over to play games as you all enjoy your cold home brewed beer.
  • Put up a dart board and arrange dart tournaments.

If you have a few hundred dollars, get a pinball game. Pinball is fun for all ages, and it adds a colorful, noisy element of enjoyment to the whole room. Don’t be afraid to buy a pinball game. Most communities have a handful of pinball service and repair specialists who can keep your game tuned and ready to play at all times.

Along with buying one of these great beer vending machines like the beer machine 2006, consider installing a hot dog cart in your party room. What could be better during a game or while watching a good movie than drinking a cold beer from your beer vending machine and eating a juicy hot dog, dripping with ketchup and smothered with relish and onions from your own hot dog cart.

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