All You want to know about Mexican beer

Mexican beer has become very popular all over the world the last 15 years and especially Corona the absolute top of the Mexican export beers. But Beer has a long history in Mexico. Long before the Spanish arrived Maya and Aztec people where brewing beer like beverages. Grain based (usually maize corn) were used to brew alcoholic “beer”

In the middle of the 19th century immigrants of German background and four years under the ruling of an Austrian emperor gave the Mexican beer brewing some new impulses. It was also a Swiss immigrant who started the first Mexican beer brewery who produced lager, this beer grew in popularity and at the end of the century the industrialization of the Mexican beer business was on. When in the 1920 the prohibition started in United States you can imagine Mexico became a popular country to travel, and it gave the next boost for some new Mexican beer breweries. Today Corona is the flagship beer of the Mexican beer industry. It is a very light lager (you can compare it with an American-style pale lager)

If you want to brew your own Mexican Cerveza we recommend the beer kit from the¬† legendary Cooper’s company.

There is a funny little trick with Mexican beer we found on You Tube. For this trick you need to put a bottle of Mexican beer vertical standing inside a freezer for three hours. Take the beer out and tap it against a hard surface. Watch the magic happen before your eyes!

Mexican beer with lime and salt

Mexican beers are typically served witch a part lime in the neck of the bottle and sometimes a dash of salt, an other way to drink it is to mix the beer with a lot of juice from a lime and hot sauce. But what could be better then brewing  it your self and drink it on a warm day with friends and family.

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