Gluten Free Beer is it possible to brew your own?

To give you a real short answer, yes it is possible to brew your own gluten free beer but it will take a lot of research and testing.  Normally beer is brewed with just four ingredients, water, barley yeast and hops. A person with Celiac Disease suffers from a intolerance to gluten and  this can lead to damage to the intestines. Gluten, are a protein that can be found in various grains like wheat, spelt, oats and barley

Most gluten ‘free’ beers are not gluten free at all they are just low on gluten from barley and most of the beer lovers who are gluten intolerant will settle for that.

But there are a few recipes now a day that have developed a formula  for a 100% gluten free beer.

The most poplar gluten substitutions grains are sorghum and buckwheat, corn, maize, rice, teff, sunflower, quinoa and soybean. The first two sorghum and buckwheat are the most used in gluten-free beer but the fun in making your own gluten free beer is that you can experiment with other sources.

We have done a lot of research online and we will post some recipes for gluten free beer here, when we have tested them.

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