Miller Lite Beer Commercials

In the beginning of lite beers it was pretty hard to reach the nay-sayers, the ones who regarded lite as a sissy beer. Television was a great way to reach those men and let them see that the manliest and the toughest men where drinking it to. Miller Lite Beer Commercials where the perfect way to do just that. They used tough guys like football players to create an more macho image.

Make Your Own Miller Lite Home Brew Clone

It is now possible to make your own Miller Lite home brew clone with Coopers beer packages

Coopers Original Series Traditional Draught create a taste and aroma suited to making Light Beer. This recipe creates a beer at approx 2.9%A/Vol.

* 1.7kg can Coopers Draught
* 100g Dextrose/Sugar

1. Dissolve Coopers Draught and Dextrose/Sugar in 2 litres of hot water.
2. Fill fermenter with cool water to the 23 litre mark and stir.
3. Sprinkle supplied yeast over the wort surface.
4. Ferment temperature should be as close to 20degC as possible.
5. Bottle when specific gravity has reached 1.006 (or two readings the same over 24 hours).

To make a beer with less alcohol you need to make a thinner brew (lower Original Gravity). You can do this by reducing additional sugars. You need to add at least 100g sucrose/dextrose in 23 litres to assist with fermentation. The fermentation is ready when the density of your clone brew remains constant over 2 days.

Add Carbonation Drops at the rate of 1 per 330ml/375ml bottle and 2 per 740ml/750ml bottle. Sugar or dextrose may be used at the rate of 8g per litre (approximately 6g of sugar to a level metric teaspoon). Store the bottles out of direct sunlight at 18degC or above for at least 1 week while secondary fermentation occurs.”

After 2 weeks you can drink your beer, you can store the bottles for long periods of time (3 months or more).

This Miller lite home brewed clone is low in alcohol but packed with plenty of flavour!

Commercial history

The first Miller Lite Beer Commercials where on tv in 1973 and had mystery writer Mickey Spillane and football stars Matt Snell and Ernie Stautner. This is a 1970’s Classic Miller Lite Beer Commercial: Merry Christmas from Miller Lite with John Madden, Bubba Smith, Billy Martin.

The slogan “Tastes Great, Less Filling” took until 1976, three full years after the first Miller Lite Beer Commercials that there was a start of acceptance for the lite beer.

Miller Lite Beer Commercials from 1986.

An other old Miller Lite Beer Commercials featuring kung fu.

And one of the latest from the many Miller Lite Beer Commercials

Hope you have enjoyed these Miller Lite Beer Commercials.

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