Starting A Craft Brewery: Fun And Rewarding

There will always be people who enjoy drinking alcohol in the form of beer and wine, some drink 2 glasses of wine a day (which is very healthy by the way) and some only drink in the weekends and at party’s. You could say that selling wine and beer will never get out of fashion because there will alway be people who will purchase it. If you enjoy home brewing and you have some excellent recipes that you know that people like. Making a start with a (home) craft brewery can be a good idea and more than just a lot of fun, it can be financially very rewarding.

A craft brewery is an investment

The term home brewing typically refers to the brewing of beer and also other similar alcoholic beverages. There are many different pieces of equipment that can be bought and used for home brewing, but a few in particular that are considered as being essential to the process. Home brewing equipment and books can be purchased either through local home brew shops or online over the Internet. You should keep in mind that most of the home brewing equipment available through home brewing suppliers tends to reflect the basic batch sizes. But you need some bigger and better equipment if you want to start a craft brewery. It will be more expensive but that is something you need to see as an investment because it will pay for it self in the long run.

From home brewing to a craft brewery

When it comes to starting a craft brewery, the basic process goes as follows: making wort or must, fermentation, clarification, conditioning, and finally packaging. Wort is really the beer prior to the fermentation process, which is made from hops and liquor extracted from crushed grains. Wort may also be made by a commercially processed extract and may be available in either dry or liquid form.

For people who are interested in starting a craft brewery, there is equipment like a three tier brewing system as mentioned in this other article on our site, that is the next step after a home brewing kit. This type of equipment is perfect to start with and when your business is starting to bloom, you can make some more investments in your craft brewery to become as big as you like. In the beginning as a side job and maybe later on as a full time business owner.

Home brewing is a very enjoyable experience, but when you start a craft brewery it can really be quite rewarding to. It is such a simple process that really anyone can do it, but if you want to make a business from it you need to make sure that your brew is something very special.

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