Whats The Best Tasting Beer?

Have you ever asked yourself “what would be the best tasting beer” when you where about to order dinner in a restaurant? Your right, it’s not the first question that comes to mind with most people. With wine we do it all the time and we even know the answers. Because we’ve learned that red wine goes with meat and white wine is better with fish. We drink a refreshing light wine on a warm and sunny day. And a robust and heavy wine when we sit together by a winter fire. But when it comes to beer most of us never learned those simple rules.

Restaurants and diners

Most restaurants, diners and dives sell beer. Most just sell from the big breweries, the good ones however also sell from the local or micro breweries. The good ones can also advice you what the best tasting beer is to accompany the food you order. Sadly, most of the restaurants sell beer without knowing anything about it.

CraftBeer.com and American Brewers Association created a course for the owners of these restaurants. They state: “Beer should be an integral part of culinary education. It accounts for $100 billion in sales in the U.S., compared to $36 billion for wine, and is an expected addition to restaurant beverage menus. With this course, culinary educators and students join the 3,000+ American craft brewers who are helping beer reclaim its place at the dinner table.”

Home beer brewers and their best tasting beer

Home beer brewers and micro breweries should also educate the folks they share with or sell there beers to. They could create a beer label that includes the type of beer, the taste and suggestions to what food is complementary to their best tasting beer.

They can also do suggestions on:

  • how to pour the beer,
  • what type of glasses should be used
  • can the beer be used to cook with and in what type of dishes.
  • will the beer taste better if aged,
  • does it need to be served cold or at room temperature

When you start appreciating a variety of different beers you will taste the difference and recognize what the best tasting beer is for the occasion.

My personal preferences?

  • a cold Cerveza on a hot day
  • a sparkling ale with steak and potatoes
  • a Yorkshire bitter with cheese
  • and a Belgian Triple with good friends around a winter fireplace

What are your suggestions for the best tasting beer on a hot and sunny day?



(image: wikicommons)
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