Easy Home Made Beer Recipes

For thousands of years, people have been brewing alcoholic beverages in their own homes. Beginning in ancient Sumer (often referred to as Sumeria), where the fermentation process was discovered, A 3900-year-old Sumerian poem honoring Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing, contains the oldest surviving home made beer recipe, describing the production of beer from barley via bread.

“Ninkasi, you are the one who bakes the bappir in the big oven,
Puts in order the piles of hulled grains,
You are the one who waters the malt set on the ground…
You are the one who holds with both hands the great sweet wort…
Ninkasi, you are the one who pours out the filtered beer of the collector vat,
It is [like] the onrush of Tigris and Euphrates.”

The practice of brewing beer and similar beverages has been passed down from person to person, country to country and culture to culture for over 11,000 years. During that time, many different types and recipes for home made beer have developed. If you are looking to get into the art of home brewing yourself, trying out simple home made beer recipes is a good way to get your feet wet.

A Simple home made beer recipes
We assume that you have all the necessary equipment:

  • a beer brewing kit
  • a large pot (ideally five gallon capacity and made of stainless steel or enamel)
  • a long handled stirring spoon
  • and bottles for storing the beer once it’s done

Best thing you can do is to Build Your Own Homebrew Starter Kit by configuring it here yourself.

Than you just need to gather the ingredients for your beer. You can check your local listings for a beer brewing supply store or even get them offline.  There are several different home made beer recipes out there when it comes to beer. Each brewer may have their own secret ingredient or add some special combination of herbs or spices to give their beer a unique flavor that’s all their own.

When you are first starting out, begin with an no boil extract kit and when you understand the process, you can proceed by testing some very basic home made beer recipes.
Your shopping list for most simple beginner’s home brew recipes will look something like this:

  • 3.5 lbs. of malt extract
  • ½ lb. of crystal malt grain
  • ¼ lb. of pale malt grain
  • ¼ lb. of oat grain
  • 1 to 2 oz. of hops
  • 1 package of brewer’s yeast
  • 3/8 cup of corn sugar

To make your beer, steep the grains for 30 minutes. Once they have steeped for this long, strain them, and add them to the large brew pot along with a gallon of water and the malt extract. Allow this mixture to boil. As soon as it starts to bubble, add half of the hops and let it continue to boil for an hour. Remove the hops from the brew pot and add the rest of the hops. Let the mixture (also called wort) boil for another half an hour.

Once the mixture is done boiling, let it cool. After it has reached room temperature, strain the plant material from the wort and pour it into the large glass bottle in your beer brewing kit. Add the brewer’s yeast, and place the airlock on the bottle. After 7 to 14 days, your beer should be done fermenting and ready to bottle.

More Home Made Beer Recipes

The recipe outlined here is only one of many. If you are looking for something a bit more advanced, look at the recommended products at this site.  You can choose a beer kit package by various factors such as colour, flavour, strength, ingredients, production method, recipe, history, or origin. There will always be home made beer recipes to your taste.

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