Start your own home microbrewery

Do you love beer but you don’t love the cost that comes with it. In this time of financial crisis buying a case for a party or your weekend gathering with friends has become very expensive. If you love beer and prefer it to any other alcohol then you have probably considered starting a home microbrewery. Making your own beer in a home microbrewery is not as complicated as people might think. With a little time and patience you can have great quality beer that you have made yourself. Get a friend or two involved and you have something fun to do with your friends that at the end of the day will provide you all with enough beer to last until you next decide to brew. And if you put some more effort in your own home microbrewery you can even start a small business this way.

What do you need before you start

First find yourself a great home brew supplier. A home brew supplier is the best friend of a home microbrewery. Not only will you find everything you need at place like this but also the expertise of the staff will help you get going. The people who work at a home brew store are probably home beer makers themselves. They will have started out in the home microbrewery business because they have a passion for beer and want to share it with people.

It does not matter if your supplier has an physical store or just a web shop as long as they can provide you with extra help and expertise you know you are at the right place. If you want to start with your own home microbrewery it’s nice to have some assistance

Time and experience

Put aside some time to brew your beer. The first time you are going to take longer than your fourth, fifth or tenth time brewing beer. Allocate about four hours when you get started but it might take longer. So make sure you don’t have anything important to do that will require you to leave your home microbrewery adventures right in the middle.

Make sure you have someone to help you when the process is over. After brewing you typically get five gallons of beer. This is really heavy! You don’t want your unfermented beer slopping all over the place. You lose valuable beer and have a whole lot of mess to clean up. And your friends gain also with helping you a bit, offer them a free beer you made yourself in your home microbrewery.

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