What You Need for a Home Brewery Setup

Although there are many different items that are needed for a home brewery setup, the equipment needed is not that expensive, running under two hundred dollars for a basic setup.  The home brewery design does not have to be fancy; it just has to have the basic materials to allow the beer to ferment properly once the recipe has been made and to be properly bottled.  Once the home brewery setup is bought then all that is needed is for the individual to pick the type of beer recipe that they desire and start cooking!


The first thing that has to be bought for a home brewery setup is of course the brewpot, which should have at least a sixteen quart capacity.  This is a special pot that must be made of either stainless steel or enamel-coated metal so that the beer does not brew and end up picking up the flavor of the pot.  This ensures that the beer will have the pure flavor of the recipe rather than having a strange taste from the pot it cooked in.

The next thing needed is the primary fermenter which should have a capacity of seven gallons at least.  This is important to a home brewery setup because it is the place the beer starts to ferment in.  The lid to the primary fermenter must fit tightly on it so that it locks out all air.  These are usually made of plastic and have to be bought specifically for this purpose to work correctly.

The next item needed in a home brewery setup is the airlock and stopper which are used to help the carbon dioxide escape from the primary fermenter during the fermentation process.  This is an important piece of equipment that must work properly so that the air from the outside does not get in while the carbon dioxide is escaping out of the fermenter.

Other equipment needed to create a home brewery setup is a plastic hose, bottling bucket, bottles, bottle brushes and bottle cappers.  These items need to be kept extremely clean so that the beer can be safely and cleanly be transferred from the fermenter into the bottles where they will be sealed for consumption.  Glass bottles are the best to use for the bottling process and should be a dark color so that the light does not affect the quality of the beer.  One other item that is needed for the fermenter is a thermometer that can stick to the side of it, such as are used on fish tanks.

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