PET Beer Bottles Make Bottling Homebrew a Snap

Whether you’re the type of homebrewer that considers a ready batch of homemade beer to be an everyday essential or are more occasional in regards to your hobby, one thing’s for certain. It never seems as if you have enough homebrew bottles on hand, does it? Naturally you expect to lose a few here and there as you bottle and gift away a few batches over the years. However, it can be supremely annoying when you lose your best beer bottles for homebrew to breakage.

PET Beer Bottles

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Have you ever considered giving plastic beer bottles a try instead? PET beer bottles are some of the best homebrew bottles around. They’re not only convenient and reusable, but they’re also 100% shatterproof, making them a safer, more economical alternative to traditional glass bottles. Plus, PET bottles are lightweight and easy to carry, making them a much less cumbersome addition to a picnic basket or gift package.

As if those weren’t enough reasons to give PET beer bottles a try, they come in packages that are made especially to compliment the beer kits you already know and love. Each of these PET beer bottles holds 500ml of delicious homebrew.

What People Are Saying About PET Beer Bottles

“Although I’m a high-volume homebrewer for sure, I’ve always preferred the experience of drinking my beer out of a bottle, as opposed to just keeping it on tap. However, I have to admit that I have a bad case of butterfingers, which results in a lot of good bottles broken and wasted. Ever since I discovered PET beer bottles, that’s all changed though! Now I never lose even a single bottle. It’s awesome!”

“Ever since I first started homebrewing, I just haven’t considered a picnic to be a picnic without a couple of bottles per person of my homemade lager included as part of the package. The only problem is the way that many glass bottles can weigh you down. Definitely not what I want on a day when we’re planning on breaking for lunch after a long hike! PET beer bottles have changed all that though. They’re so lightweight, I can bring as many beers along as I like! I don’t have to worry about them shattering in my basket or knapsack and soaking the rest of my food either.”

“I’ve been a fan of  homebrew kits for a long time now, so naturally I was thrilled to see that they sell PET beer bottles. And they’re shatterproof, too!! Broken bottles are bound to happen now and again, especially when you brew as often as I do, so my kitchen floor is definitely thankful for this godsend from High Gravity!”

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